Kelsie Kenefick
Kelsie Kenefick
Professional Speaker
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The Stress Mess

You have probably heard it said that over 90% of doctor visits are "stress related". Learn to manage your symptoms forever when you master the skills presented in this program. Based in the science of biofeedback, this is the only stress management program that is both scientific and measurable.

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Kelsie Kenefick’s Most Popular Presentations...

"The Best Kept Secrets in Stress Management Revealed!"
"How to Control Migraines and Other Headaches "
"How to Stay Healthy and Thrive in Turbulent Times"
“What You Need to Know About Controlling Chronic Pain”


Participants will...

  • Discover how they can take charge of their stress and their health
  • Learn how stress causes dis-ease (disease)
  • Scientifically measure the stress in their body
  • Experience a dramatic and measurable reduction of stress in their body and mind
  • Leave with tools to start reducing their stress immediately


“This stress management program is an excellent source for patients and clinicians alike. It is a must read for anyone with stress!“
       Phil Cambe, M.D., Medical Director of the Pain Management Program, Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, CO.


Kelsie’s keynotes will be tailored to YOUR audience...

All audience members will receive an article on stress in their profession and they will receive a simple biofeedback reader to determine their stress. Kelsie has had decades of experience teaching stress management skills to many populations including: management within corporations, government employees, school teachers and administrators, hospital employees, students, olympic athletes, and more. She will tailor her work to meet the needs of your organization!


Kelsie...a Certified Seminar Trainer...

Kelsie is a Certified Seminar Trainer and can work effectively with groups of any size. She presents using accelerated learning techniques so that everyone learns a lot and has fun, too! Her seminar training was with Peak Potentials ("Train the Trainer" and "Making the Stage"). She also holds a Master of Professional Studies degree in Humanistic Education.


Money Back Guarantee Kelsie is so confident that your organization will be thrilled with her presentation and professional manner, and that participants will be both inspired and motivated, that she always offers a money back guarantee.


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Stress has become a global epidemic.
Without a doubt, everyone today needs to learn how to manage their stress.
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