Kelsie Kenefick
Kelsie Kenefick
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The Stress Mess

You have probably heard it said that over 90% of doctor visits are "stress related". Learn to manage your symptoms forever when you master the skills presented in this program. Based in the science of biofeedback, this is the only stress management program that is both scientific and measurable.

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Kelsie's Story...


My first years as a school teacher led me into an intensive search of any and all ways to manage stress!

Just out of college, I remember sitting at my desk on my second day of teaching before school began. Suddenly, I felt a cold blade at my throat. I looked up and knew immediately who it was... it was Danny. He had not been there the day before but I had heard he was coming. I said, "Danny, put that knife away and I don't ever want to see it again!". Little did I know that I had said the perfect thing and it made Danny go into a big laugh. He said, "It's not a knife... it's a switchblade!" He thought it was very endearing that I didn't know the difference between a knife and a switchblade and amidst his laughter he put the knife away.

That was just the beginning of working with some very tough teenagers. I started asking people what I could do to manage my stress. Someone suggested yoga. I didn't even know what it was... but I said, "OK!" I took my first yoga class in 1975 and have been passionate about yoga ever since. I explored every possible stress management tool... including using guided imagery as a way to reduce stress, deep breathing to manage stress, positve self talk for stress management... and the list goes on and on. I was ready to try anything so I could effectively cope with the stress I experienced on the job.

After two years of teaching emotionally disturbed teenagers I left and went into a regular public school. Piece of cake! But, my first teaching experience had started me on a journey which has lasted a lifetime... a journey to claim inner peace no matter what is happening on the outside.

By the mid-80's I was teaching others what I had learned. I taught courses for teachers and adminsitrators, did keynotes on "Stress Management in the Schools", integrated stress management into the classroom for students, and wrote curriculum for these skills to be taught in schools around the country (published as "Life Positive").

Soon I expanded to teach stress management in corporations, hospitals and government agencies. In the 90's I returned back to school to become certified in biofeedback (BCIA certified). I loved the idea of bringing science to what I had learned over the years. People were reporting to me that they were eliminating everything from headaches to TMJ disorders from taking my yoga classes. Biofeedback proved scientifically that people could eliminate countless physical symptoms that were induced, or exacerbated by, stress.

I have seen many, many miracle healings over the years in my biofeedback practice. The body knows how to heal itself if we create the right environment within ourselves for the healing to occur. It is not that I personally have magical skills to heal my own body and you don't! We all can do it. They are learnable skills. Everybody can learn these skills.

With the amount of stress in the world now, I am being called forth to teach what I know to larger groups. Stress has become a global epidemic. We need healing from within... we need to learn how to thrive from within and stop looking to outside things to satisfy us in order to reduce our stress. If you can learn how to reduce your stress from within you can move through these turbulent times with a clear mind and a healthy body.

My wish for you is that you thrive in these trying times and that you search deep into your soul and through it all you maintain a clear head and strong body.