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Kelsie Kenefick
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The Stress Mess

You have probably heard it said that over 90% of doctor visits are "stress related". Learn to manage your symptoms forever when you master the skills presented in this program. Based in the science of biofeedback, this is the only stress management program that is both scientific and measurable.

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Eustress, Distress and Dis-ease


What few of us realize is that a good or positive event can bring as much stress to the body and mind as a bad or negative event. We all know that when someone close to us dies, we experience what we would call a bad stress or distress. But good stressors can affect the body in the same way. For example, perhaps you are getting married and are very excited and happy about it. This can still be a stress even though it is a good stress, or what we call eustress. The body’s physiological response is the same to eustress as it is to distress.


Disease, or dis-ease, comes from being ill at ease in the body and/or mind. When we are not at ease with life we get out of balance. We lose our homeostasis and our innate ability to fight off disease. You may not have considered your headaches, your anxiety, or your insomnia, to be a form of dis-ease, but they unquestionably are.


By now you are probably understanding how stress directly causes disease. Migraines Be Gone and Beyond The Stress Mess programs teach you how to bring balance back into your life and your nervous system. This balance has far-reaching benefits beyond what you are probably imagining right now.


"Managing your stress is an inside job."
Kelsie Kenefick