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The Stress Mess

You have probably heard it said that over 90% of doctor visits are "stress related". Learn to manage your symptoms forever when you master the skills presented in this program. Based in the science of biofeedback, this is the only stress management program that is both scientific and measurable.

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FIT Magazine, January 2008

Fit Profile: Kelsie Kenefick, Health Author

Brief bio: For over 30 years I have been fascinated by our power to heal ourselves. I began my studies and research in this area in the '70's and graduated with a master's degree in humanistic psychology and education (State University of New York at New Paltz). From there, I continued my studies out of my own personal interest, and made several trips to India to delve into mind-body-spirit healing in a culture more intimately in tune with their inner powers. In our scientifically based culture it took biofeedback to prove that we could teach people how to control the inner workings of their bodies (ie. Heart rate, circulation, muscle tension, blood pressure, and much more). When I discovered biofeedback I instantly knew that this is what I needed to do! In 1994 I became a biofeedback therapist (BCIA certified) and began seeing patients, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and headaches. In 2006, my highly successful program with migraine patients finally came into print when my award winning book, "Migraines Be Gone," was released. Migraine sufferers around the country are now controlling their headaches with my program.

In addition to seeing patients, I speak professionally on the topics of stress, chronic pain, and headaches. As an expert in the field of stress and it's effect on health, I lead seminars, keynote presentations, and create ongoing work site wellness programs. My passion is in teaching people, at conferences, and in the workplace, how they can overcome stress, pain, and headaches.

Philosophy when working with clients: My philosophy begins with the idea that everybody has their own innate intelligence to heal themselves. I coach, and teach, others how they can heal their bodies by controlling their autonomic (involuntary) nervous system. That is very empowering to the patient because, ultimately, they are doing the healing — not me. Anyone can learn, and apply, the skills I teach. My patients know that they will only be doing 12-16 sessions and they will have the skills they need to control their headaches, stress, or pain. They do not become dependent on me and do not need to see me long term. They take control of their health/pain, and they can repeat everything we do in session when they leave my office. The responsibility for their health lies in their hands and once they conquer their pain or headaches, they tell me they feel like they can do anything in life. I cannot imagine any work more inspiring or rewarding than what I do.

How did you get involved with the health care industry?

I began studying yoga in the '70's and was a yoga teacher for 18 years. Biofeedback is sometimes called "the yoga of the West." It is what brought the scientific proof to what the yogis have known for centuries — that we can learn how to control the inner workings of the body.

What are your favorite healthy foods? Your favorite workouts?

I have always told people that chocolate was my favorite healthy food because I could feel that it was healthy. People used to laugh at me, but now there are so many articles declaring the good things it does that I can say...chocolate! My favorite types of exercise are yoga, NIA, and hiking.

What is your personal health care routine?

My regular health care routine consists of massage, chiropractic, and sitting in the hot springs around Colorado as much as I can.

How can people contact you?

I will be doing a free presentation entitled "Take Control of Your Headaches, Stress, and Pain.... and Your Life!" from 7 - 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 3 at Boulder Community Hospital. Please RSVP at 303-247-0047. or call her at 303-247-0047.